“Filedem” (lockdown edition)

During the lockdown of 2020, we have been practising a few songs remotely. “Filedem” is one of them and here is a little glimpse of our arrangement, captured on video.

Vassilis Chatzimakris: cretan lyra, vocals
Simon Mercouris: cretan lute, vocals
Miltos Boumis: cretan lute, vocals, bendir
Antonis Mikelis: double bass

Home recordings, mixed by Miltos Boumis.

Cretan Brioche – Filedem (lockdown edition)

New song release: “Το νανούρισμα της Μυρσίνης”

“Νανούρισμα της Μυρσίνης (Myrsini’s Lullaby)” is an original song by Cretan Brioche (lyrics: traditional / Vassilis Chatzimakris), recorded in London, in February of 2019.

Vassilis Chatzimakris: vocals, lyra with sympathetic strings
Simon Mercouris: cretan lute
Miltos Boumis: cretan lute
Antonis Mikelis: double bass
Manos Pattakos: bendir

Recorded and mixed by Antonis Mikelis.
Artwork: Maria Androulaki.

Also available on soundcloud >>

Cretan Brioche · Cretan Brioche – Το Νανούρισμα της Μυρσίνης (Myrsini’s Lullaby)